Monday, March 22, 2010

..when i will be half of tenukians..??..

A lots of question on my mind ryte now.. but the 1st of the list is........???? WHEN I WILL BE HALF OF TENUKIANS a.k.a EN. MUHAMAD HADI..?? ;)
Heehehhee.. i really like it coz......... *hahahah*...
..i really mean it ok..!!

..hope i will be ur ANGEL forever..

..i will always love u, smile for u n always be there for u when u need me..

..when i'm with u.. i feel like i fly in the AIR.. the WORLD is my mine..!!

..i know i'm not a perfect person to u.. but i try be the best u never had.. ;)
with ALLAH willing.. really hope that u will be mine..

..cant wait for da day... when i will be half of u.. i cant imagine that.. :)
hope u're mine past,now, tomorrow n forever..

You and Me


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