Wednesday, October 1, 2008

First Move

Like I told you before, I know her from friendster, I joined IKM group that created by Syafiq (my coursemate from IKM Besut).I found her comment on my classmate, Jojo/Maziah (kot namanya), I just add her randomly, and, after i re-post the at the buletin board, some message arrived into my private message.I found this.

April 27th , 2007, 11:28am
Ohh no, because you opened this you will have badluck, unless you re-post this with topic what fits you best..
pick one..
  • Lavender Ice
    - You're Single and Crushing

  • Purple Ice
    - You're in a Relationship

  • Blue Ice
    - Single and Not Satisfied

  • White Ice
    - Ready to get Married

  • Black Ice
    - have a Crush on someone who is already in Relationship

  • Green Ice
    - Single and happy
and she reply it with
r u sure i gOt badluck..?
sure la i chOose da green ice..
"single is simple..
but DOUBLE is TROuBLE.."
that's is the first  message in this relationship..
Why i still keep it..? Maybe I know, it will be a part of the memory =D


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