Friday, December 26, 2008

.:me N u:. just wanna to say that i REALLY2 LOVE U..More then my self.. baby TaKOT hilang b.. n i hope Our love will never has ENDING..Until OUR last BREATH..!! dunno how 2 SAYANG b sgt2..!! bkn ngan kate2 tp dri hati.. =) ...1st i meet u..i faLL iN Love..but mase 2 BAby kne Wat tuhan dah TunJuk sume 2.. n BAby pilih b... ;) i realize How Much u LOVE me.. n HOw Much I loVe u.. if Anything haPPend between Us..Baby harap kte x Besar2 kn Lagi masalah yg ade..n 1 je..if baby de wt salah tOLong bg taw k.. I LOVE U..!!!


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